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Facing a plumbing issue can be quite stressful, but not with our help. Kenz Plumbing provides the best services of house plumbing in Simi Valley. Our loyal costumers say that our staff is easy to do business with, being upfront with cost and time, and taking care of any problem.

What causes faucets to drip?

One of the most common complications people encounter in their homes is a dripping faucet. Although this may not seem like a big deal, it causes more problems that you could think of. A leaky faucet will be responsible for an increase in your water bill. This problem is usually a sign of corrosion, as well as some other piping related problems.

The best move you can do in this situation is to contact us, and we will send someone to inspect your property. Our expert will investigate the situation, give you an estimated cost, and get to work immediately.

Repair a broken faucet

If there is no indication of leaks, your dripping faucet might be the result of a problem with the plumbing itself. There are many reasons for a faulty faucet, with one of them being a problem in the O ring, a small disc attached to the faucet’s stem screw. If this ring becomes loose or wears out due to regular use, your faucet will start to drip near the handle.

Another reason is a corroded valve seat. This comes from the accumulation of water sediments, which will cause the valve seat (the connection between the faucet and the spout) to corrode. This problem will cause water to leak near the spout. You should call our team regularly for house plumbing in Simi Valley, a task that only a professional plumber should perform. This will not only allow you to solve all the plumbing issues in time, but prevent future problems as well.

How do faucet handles work?

Faucet handles are complex items, but very indispensable on our everyday life. Water is always circulating throughout the plumbing, while kept under intense pressure. Since the water is kept under so much pressure, as soon as you open the faucet, it will come right out. 

When talking about faucets, the water usually needs a place to evacuate the so-called drains. Those drains require cleaning, from time to time. If you have ever noticed your shower drain to be draining the water slowly, then it already needs cleaning. There are many reasons that will cause a drain blockage, with hair or food being the most common ones. Drain blockages can turn into a bigger problem if you don’t solve them in time.

Contact us today, and we will send a plumber to inspect it and give you an honest opinion. At Kenz Plumbing, we strive for your wellbeing, and that is why our customers are constantly recommending us. We provide the best services of house plumbing in Simi Valley and we offer quality, professionalism, and the guarantee of impeccable work. 

House Plumbing Simi Valley